Let`s TANGO!

People dance Argentine tango in Moscow. Every evening. Parties where Argentine tango is danced are called Milongas. It is a perfect leisure-time activity. You meet friends, have dinner, dance, talk. Your get more and more friends. Sometimes people come with their families, as in Bueno-Aires. At these parties you can see local dancers’ performance and world stars as well.

Don’t be a sideliner, start dancing!
Every person can learn to tango. It is no matter whether you have dance before or not. Tango City’s methodic will allow you to come to the dance-floor after a few lessons. After finishing Introductive course the doors of the Milongas (tango-parties) will open for you. Argentine tango is a world of emotions, meetings and travels. Life in Tango City is a wonderful leisure-time, very wide world of friends and enthusiasm.

Tango lessons in English

Our school TangoCity starts classes of Argentine tango in English.

Lesson for beginners: Saturday and Sunday at 13.00-14.30. 51, build. 3, Staryi Arbat street «Sportclub in Arbat». You can attend any other groups besides classes in English. All TangoCity`s teachers speak English. Contact Us tangocity@tangocity.ru

TangoCity School invites you to the presentation classes of Argentine tango.

History and myths of legendary dance
Video on wide screen, rare shots and film episodes
Your first tango, such beautiful and passionate!
Lessons-presentation in school of Argentine tango are free of charge. There is no need arrange your visit. And you don’t need a partner for these lessons. It is forbidden to come to the dance-hall in shoes you walked in the street, take the second pair of shoes, please. And don’t forget to take your friends!

Milongas in Moscow

Day Date Title Address Time
M 16/04/2012
m.Teatralnaya / Театральная, Kuznetsky Most / Кузнецкий Мост, 7
T 17/04/2012
milonga Rendez-vous РАНДЕВУ in club TIR/ ТИР
milonga in restaurant "Shantil" / "ШАНТИЛЬ"
milonga Dulse Tango in restaurant "El Asado"
milonga Prishepov-Lookin Rooms in restaurant "Lookin Rooms"
m.Oktyabrskaya/ Октябрьская Leninsky prospekt/ Ленинский проспект, 6/7
m.Belorusskaya/ Белорусская, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya st./Большая грузинская ул. 57
m.Belorusskaya / Белорусская, Butyrsky Val / Бутырский Вал, 5
m.Tverskaya / Тверская, Tverskaya st./ ул.Тверская, 18
W 18/04/2012
Milonga club Architect/ клуб АРХИТЕКТОР
Milonga en cafe "Dom Kino" / ДОМ КИНО
m.Barrikadnaya/Баррикадная, Malaya Nikitskaya st. / Малая Никитская ул., 20. Ресторан Дом Архитектора
m.Belorusskaya / Белорусская, Vasilievskaya st. / ул.Вaсильевская, 13, 2nd floor
T 19/04/2012
Milonga festival Tangojunta in club TIR / ТИР
Milonga Garufa in sweempool Chaika / Чайка
Milonga Prishepov-Mangalov in restaurant "Mangalov"
m.Oktyabrskaya/ Октябрьская Leninsky prospekt/ Ленинский проспект, 6/7
m.Park Kultury / Парк Культуры, Aninov pereulok / Анинов переулок, 3/1, sweempool Chaika
m.Tverskaya / Тверская, Nastasinsky pereulok / Настасьинский переулок, 4/2
F 20/04/2012
orquesta SEXTETO MILONGUERO+Tangojunta en cafe Teplitsa / ТЕПЛИЦА
m.Krasnie Vorota / Красные Ворота, Orlikov pereulok / Орликов переулок, 1
S 21/04/2012
Milonga fesrival TangoJunta
m.Kurskaya / Курская, Vinzavod / ВИНЗАВОД, 4th Siromyatnicheskiy pereulok / 4-й Сыромятнический переулок, 1-6-17
S 22/04/2012
Milonga en club Rock Vegas
m.Novokuznetskaya / Новокузнецкая, Piatnitskaya st. / ул. Пятницкая, 29/8 2nd floor

TangoCity school

There is no person who won't be able to dance tango. Comfortable and merry atmosphere in the class will allow to simplify adaptation process for beginners . Teaching methods of TangoCity, combines technical and psychological elements, and it will help you to make your first step to Milongas' dance-floor after several lessons .TangoCity suggests different learning possibilities : classes and private lessons, practice, theory lessons with stars from Europe and Argentina.

Teachers studied in Moscow, Europe and Argentina with the best teachers of Argentine tango and continue to improve their dancing skills.

School is a member of Argentine Tango Association

School makes a stress to the self- realization and self-sentiment . You will begin to listen to and feel your partner. Because the real Argentine tango is a dance, created by two people, dance -conversation, dance- temptation, the most sensible of all dances . On lessons we teach not only to hold your body (very soon everyone will notice that your posture has changed). We pay as much attention to psychology of dance . We teach to be self-confident, give back to man and woman their initial roles of winner and temptress. Be ready to work with your body and soul. Tango demands hard work.

TangoCity invites you not only to dance lessons, we will open to you the whole world of argentine tango . Tango is communication. You meet a lot of people on the lesson, in milongas , dance, talk while drinking coffee … And there you’ve already arranged the theatre going together or are invited to the birthday party…


Welcome to the II International Moscow Festival of Argentine Tango Tangojunta! 20-22.04.2012

All tango fans will have an opportunity to meet young and interesting couples Mariela Sametband and Alberto Colombo; Agustina Berenstein and Rodrigo Palacios (Argentina).

Concert tango

April 22.04.2012 Show "Tango Argentino". Orquesta Sexteto Miloguero (Argentina), star dancers Gaston Torelli and MoiraCastellano (Argentina ) will perform in Central House of Painter. m. Oktyabrskaya, Krymskiy Val,10